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Certified Organisations

The Core Scheme Requirements (CSR) set out the requirements for undertaking an accredited TickITplus Assessment which satisfies the ISO 17021 audit requirements and follows the principles of ISO 15504-2 for conducting capability assessments. Together with the BPL, it is essential reading for any organization considering or undertaking TickITplus assessment.

The transition period for the ending of the old TickIT scheme has commenced. Certifications to the old TickIT scheme will cease on 30th November 2014. Existing TickIT certified companies must either transition to TickITplus, or revert to plain ISO 9001 certification by 30th November 2014.

Below is a list of certified TickITplus organisations:


  • Eurotherm Limited  - LRQ0871739/C - LRQA
  • Saab Dynamics AB - 147677-2013-AQ-SWE-UKAS - DNV
  • Geoplan Spatial Intelligence Ltd - TPLUS 606716 - BSI
  • Lockheed Martin UK IS&S - TPLUS 606714 - BSI
  • L-3 TRL Technology - TPLUS 606158 - BSI
  • CSC - LRQ - LRQA
  • Calypso Technology, Inc - 94258-2011-AQ-GBR-UKAS - DNV
  • Unit 4 Business Software Limited - LRQ4006331 - LRQA
  • Unit4 R&D - LRQ4007192 - LRQA
  • Applied Industrial Systems Ltd - 95196-2011-AQ-GBR-UKAS - DNV
  • Insider Technologies Limited - 119982-2012-AQ-GBR-UKAS - DNV
  • IPL – LRQ 4006360
  • Nexor Ltd - LRQ 4003765

Certification bodies should use this form to inform the TickITplus Office when an organisation achieves TickITplus certification: www.tickitplus.org/downloads/Registration-Form-TickITplus-TEMPLATE.doc

Latest News

Saab Dynamics transitions successfully to TickITplus


Saab Dynamics AB has successfully transitioned from TickIT to TickITplus. The leading providers of military defence and civil security products and services became certified under the TickITplus scheme in January 2014.


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