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Requirements for Assessors and Practitioners (RAP)

This free document defines the criteria for Assessor and Practitioner qualifications and sets out all the regulations and requirements for qualifying in these grades.

Topics covered include:

  • brief introduction to scheme and benefits of TickITplus qualifications.
  • guide and requirements for third party and internal auditors: grades, training qualifications, registration, CPD and so on.
  • guide and requirements for practitioners: training, qualifications, registration, CPD and so on.
  • guide to training provision – with reference to online information on courses and providers.


Introduction; Assessors and Practitioners; Assessor core criteria; Practitioner core criteria; Assessment logs; Continuing Professional Development; Re-registration; Appendices.

Format availability:

The Requirements for Assessors and Practitioners is supplied in a format optimized for online viewing. The product is available in hardcopy format but the user should be aware that this printed copy will be produced from the online version.

To facilitate a quick overview of required core competencies for Assessors and Practitioners, appendices C (Assessor core competencies) and D (Practitioner core competencies) are available separately.

Download appendix C (Assessor core competencies)and appendix D (Practitioner core competencies) from our guidance page.

Latest News

L3-Communications Marine Systems is world’s first organisation to transition their TickITplus certification to the ISO 9001:2015 standard


L3-Communications Marine Systems has been successfully transitioned by DNV GL - Business Assurance to the modernised ISO 9001:2015 standard using the newly updated TickITplus Base Process Library. L3-Communications are leading providers of automation, control and simulation systems for the marine sector and were one of the early adopters for the TickITplus scheme back in 2014.


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