The TickIT Scheme

The primary aim

The primary aim of the scheme is to ensure that Certification bodies are competent to audit IT companies and that the Certification bodies work in a consistent manner. (It is not, as many people expect, about approval of software developers or products).

Certification objectives

With regard to certification itself, the objectives were to:

  • improve professional practice amongst quality management system auditors in the software sector
  • publish authoritative guidance material (the TickIT Guide) for all stakeholders
  • Improve the overall quality of quality management system certification in IT.

It's about quality

An important purpose of TickIT was was to stimulate software system developers to think about:

  • What quality really is in the context of the processes of software development
  • How quality may be achieved
  • How quality management systems may be continuously improved.

Although certification of compliance to ISO 9001 is a contractual requirement for software suppliers in certain market areas, it is intended to be a by-product of the more fundamental aims of quality achievement and improvement, and the delivery of customer satisfaction.

More details

More details on the TickIT scheme can be found on the TickIT website at