Requirements for Training and Examinations (RTEX)

This free document provides the requirements that need to be met in order to be able to deliver accredited TickITplus training courses. It also specifies the requirements for the independent examination of TickITplus Assessors and Practitioners.

Topics covered include:

  • the content, selection and monitoring of training courses and their providers
  • covers also the grading and registration of auditors and practitioners.
  • auditor assessment and registration.
  • training course criteria, assessment and monitoring.


Introduction; Overview of training courses; Training course administration; Course provider staff; Accreditation of training courses and providers; Training course examinations; Appendices.

Format availability:

The Requirements for Training and Examinations is supplied in a format optimized for online viewing. The product is available in hardcopy format but the user should be aware that this printed copy will be produced from the online version.

To facilitate a quick overview of required core competencies for Assessors and Practitioners, appendices A (Syllabus Foundation course) and D (Examination requirements) are available separately.

Download appendix A (Syllabus Foundation course) and appendix D (Examination requirements) from our guidance page.