What is TickITplus?

TickITplus is more than a certification scheme and covers more than software development. It is intended to offer a flexible, multi-level approach to IT quality and certification assessment and can be applied at whatever level is deemed appropriate to the quality and process maturity of the organization and the needs of its customers. If multiple IT standards need to be addressed, these can be covered under one certification arrangement.
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Training and Consultancy

  • Approved Training Organisations (‘ATOs’) deliver training courses that lead to ITA-approved qualifications. Here is information about public courses and ATOs.
  • Accredited consultants: while there is no scheme for accrediting TickITplus consultants, we can provide you with information about experienced, qualified consultants who could support your TickITplus project. Please contact us for further information.

Free Downloads

You can download lots of guidance documents from our guidance page.