TickITplus News

Webinar: TickITplus - A Universal Model - Quality SG - 31 May 2024

An overview of the TickITplus scheme and how it can benefit orgs with an implement-once-satisfy-many approach to process improvement.

Dave Wynn, Managing Director, Omniprove Ltd will be giving a Webinar on 31 May 2024 for the Chartered Institute for IT.

It is free, but registration is required. https://www.bcs.org/events-calendar/2024/may/webinar-tickitplus-a-universal-model-quality-sg/

Next Virtual Accredited TickITplus Foundation course - January 2024

The next virtual Accredited TickITplus Foundation Training course is on 29-30 January 2024

More information is available at www.DevelopCapability.co.uk or email Enquiry@DevelopCapability.co.uk

New version of the Base Process Library

The Base Process Library has been re-issued to Version 1.4.0

Scheme Documents updated

The Scheme documents 'Requirements for Assessors and Practitioners' and 'Requirements for Training and Examinations' have been updated to Version 1.1.0

TickITplus website updated

The TickITplus.org website was moved to a new host and after a period of settling in, it was decided to review the content to ensure that information was more clearly available.

The update is now complete and we hope you like it. If you have any suggestions for improvements, then let us know at info@tickitplus.org.


Capability Level Certification

At the ITA meeting held on 25th January 2019 it was agreed that the ITA as Scheme Owner would permit Accredited TickITplus Certification Bodies to offer TickITplus Capability Level assessments and certificates on an Unaccredited basis to their clients. A provision was made that any organisation applying for Capability certification had to have already achieved TickITplus Foundation Level certification with an Accredited Certification Body.