Calypso Technology world’s first TickITplus organization to obtain Service Management scope

While Calypso Technology already had an established ISO 9001 TickIT Quality Management System, the business wanted to take the next step to improve performance. With the introduction of TickITplus, Calypso recognised the benefits of adding Service Management processes. As a result, it has now leveraged the updates to the Base Process Library from last year to include IT Service Management processes. DNV Business Assurance stepped in to devise a careful and thorough implementation plan. The support of Senior Management and good effective input by an internal practitioner to the assessment were major contributors to the success of the assessment.

Paul Breslin, ICT Sector Lead at DNV Business Assurance, says: "This is a great outcome and an important step forward for both Calypso Technology and the TickITplus scheme. I was particularly impressed by the commitment of the Calypso team to understanding and implementing the TickITplus process requirements. This commitment and careful preparation for the Transition Assessment led to a successful result that will serve them well for future development of their Business Management System."

DNV Business Assurance conducted a TickITplus Documentation Review and Assessment Readiness Review. Also involved in the certification was preparation of a detailed Assessment Plan including both confirmation and exploration assessment modes. Finally, we carefully balanced coverage of processes, service teams and operational locations.

Mel Gadd, Vice President of Business Process Engineering at Calypso, prepared the Process Reference Model to map the company’s processes to TickITplus Base Processes. He performed internal assessments to evaluate any gaps and prepared evidence packs as part of Confirmation Mode approach. Calypso’s involvement also came in the form of an Assessment Guide and participation in evidence reviews, interviews and process scoring.

Mel says: "With our ISO 9001/TickIT Quality Management System we achieved a repeatable process and predictable service levels. Improvement in our service has been a continuous process. We are in our fifth year of a quality initiative that resulted in ISO 9001/TickIT certification at the mid-point. The most significant improvements in case resolution time came in the first few years when we achieved 52% on average year-on-year reductions. Since achieving certification we have continued to make reductions of between 9% and 15% a year."

President and CEO of Calypso Technology, Kishore Bopardikar adds, "Being the first in our sector to achieve TickITplus certification underscores our commitment to upholding the highest standards for quality and efficiency.

Calypso believes that by adhering to the industry’s most rigorous criteria for business processes, we differentiate ourselves from the competition in delivering market-leading solutions and customer service."