CSC successfully transition to TickITplus.

As all TickIT certificates expire by December 2014 it was imperative for CSC to adopt the new scheme and, being proactive and transitioning to the Foundation Level of TickITplus, demonstrates their commitment to quality and performance.

The transition to TickITplus strengthens CSC’s commitment to improving its products and services and achieving their business objectives.

The transition period for the ending of the old TickIT scheme has commenced. Certifications to the old TickIT scheme will cease on 30th November 2014. Existing TickIT certified companies must either transition to TickITplus, or revert to plain ISO 9001 certification by 30th November 2014.

It is strongly recommended for all entrants to the TickITplus scheme to send key members of staff on a TickITplus Foundation training course. A list of accredited TickITplus training organisations can be found on the TickITplus website at:

Information about TickITplus guidance documents can also be found on the TickITplus website at: