Insider Technologies Limited one of the first DNV UK clients to achieve TickITplus certification

Insider Technologies Limited (ITL) has successfully transitioned up to the Foundation Level of TickITplus.

As all TickIT certificates expire by December 2014 it was imperative for Insider Technologies Limited (ITL) to adopt the new scheme and, being proactive and transitioning to the Foundation Level of TickITplus, demonstrates their commitment to quality and performance.

Bob Roberts is Quality Manager at ITL. He says they took the decision to transition to TickITplus because they wanted the benefits that a capability based scheme offered. As an existing TickIT certified company it was important that they transitioned to the foundation level of TickITplus at the earliest opportunity to demonstrate their ability to progress from ‘conformance’ level to a capability assessed ‘performance’ rating.

ITL’s experience with DNV was a positive one. Bob adds “At the assessment review DNV were particularly helpful in clarifying our scope statement and offered further suggestions on how we could refine our Process Reference Model”.

Gerry Murphy, Managing Director, believes the transition to TickITplus strengthens ITL commitment to improving its products and services and achieving their business objectives.

Bal Matu, DNV auditor, has been involved with ITL from the intial Gap Assessment through to the Transition Audit. He says: “I believe that ITL have made more tangible process improvements during their transition to TickITplus than some TickIT certified organisations have made during a whole three-year cycle of being TickIT certified. ITL invested in training three practitioners who helped identify and implement process improvements throughout the TickITplus transition.”

He adds: “Both the management team and practitioners at ITL worked together to ensure that the gaps that were identified during the PRM preparation phase were addressed with a clear view of how they would also help the business to better achieve its objectives. This has led to many of the processes being re-aligned to the business needs and a more efficient and effective Business Management System”.

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