IT quality experts urge adoption of TickITplus

Leading IT governance and compliance experts are urging UK organisations to upgrade to a new, accredited TickITplus IT certification scheme or risk losing valuable business.

TickITplus aims to improve the quality of software for business and industry internationally, covering sectors as diverse as finance, construction and transportation. The goal is to help software suppliers, including in-house developers and IT system service providers, define and implement a quality system that covers all the essential business processes in the product lifecycle, within the frameworks of the quality management systems standard ISO9001.

Peter Lawrence, director of global quality excellence at CSC and chair of BSI's Joint TickITplus Industry Steering Committee (JTISC), says: "Building on the established TickIT scheme, TickITplus is now the recognised software and IT quality assurance benchmark for UK businesses. Any company without TickITplus risks being overlooked for valuable contracts by potential customers, who will seek the assurances of quality control TickITplus certification provides.

"Launched in 1990, the original TickIT no longer meets the rapidly evolving requirements of 21st-century IT. Technology and working practices have changed. TickITplus, however, represents a solid long-term investment because, unlike TickIT, the new scheme is flexible enough to evolve at the same pace as the business, industrial, IT and software communities in the UK and abroad."

Source: Test Magazine