Training Requirements

There is a requirement for Assessor Competence within the TickITplus Scheme. Assessors from the Certification Bodies will need to be trained, but training is also required for those who act as Practitioners within the organisations. As TickITplus has capability elements, there are three courses:

  • Foundation course – a mandatory course and exam which has to be taken by all Assessors and Practitioners wanting to become qualified in the Scheme. This is the entry level. While there are no formal requirements for attending the course, there are additional requirements for registration as an Assessor.
  • Capability course – a second level course dealing with capability assessment processes used by the Scheme and qualifying both Assessors and Practitioners operating at the Bronze and Silver grades. Whilst the examination will be mandatory, fast track options will exist for those with previous experience in these techniques.
  • Optimizing course – a third level course dealing in assessing measurement and quantitative improvement techniques. Assessors and Practitioners operating at the Gold and Platinum grades will need to have passed the examination at this level.

The requirements for the training courses and the examinations are set out in the Requirements for Training and Examinations (RTEX).

Administration of examinations and accreditation of training providers is done by the Global Association for Software Quality, (GASQ), an international Accreditation organisation based in Germany.